Meet Jeremy

My name is Jeremy Anderson and I'm from a small town called Jonesboro, Louisiana. I moved from Louisiana at  the age of 12 and I've since lived in Kansas City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Orlando and now Dallas. I'm extremely optimistic which explains why I've lived in 6 different cities. I've always worked in Corporate America but always knew that it wasn't for me. I've always wanted more but when you've never had anyone to look up to or your surroundings don't match your dream, you will think that your dreams are just that....A DREAM!

After all of my good rebel ways in Corporate America and after graduating with my Masters in Organizational Management I decided to quit my job and figure out this life called "Entrepreneurship". After 3 years experiencing life I decided to get in the coffee industry as a way to create wealth so I can provide for my loved ones and to also be an example for other men like myself to show and motivate with knowing that we can do whatever we put our minds to. I thank all of you for contributing to my journey and I thank you for all the support.